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Connect to Classrooms often receives donations of school supplies and equipment to distribute to schools.  Teachers from Fayette County K-12 schools are welcome to submit "Wish Lists" of supplies and equipment you could use or would like to have for your classrooms.  If donations become available, or when we receive inquiries from potential donors about potential needs, we will match the items back to the Wish Lists.  We often have common items like notebooks, pencils, glue, and pens.  If you have a specific preference, please indicate that in your list.  Submitting a Wish List does not guarantee that you will receive a donation at any given time, but it will allow us to be fair and consistent in how we distribute our donations.  To submit a list, just fill out the form below!  If you have any questions or would like to make a donation, please contact our Program Assistant, Taylor Davis at


Teacher's Name *
Teacher's Name
Please enter the grade levels you teach and any specific subjects or special groups/populations with whom you work.
Please enter the number of students in your classroom. If you have more than one, please specify which classrooms and the number of students in each.
In this section, please list any school supplies and consumables you need for your classrooms, and the approximate quantity of each requested. Don't be afraid to list multiple items!
If you have a special need for a specialized item or piece of equipment, please describe the items and for what it would be used.
Feel free to use this space to tell us about you, your classroom, and your students. Your story may help potential donors understand your classroom needs. You may use examples, but please do not use any identifying information about particular students.