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Fayette County Collaboration and Asset Mapping

Fayette County has a wealth of programs, organizations, collaborations, and services in our community.  This year, interested community organizations are coming together to identify these resources and promote the information to each other and to the public.  This project kicked off with two events this past May, the Community Collaborative Conference and the Arts as an Economic Generator Workshop.  More than 50 different community groups participated in these events and contributed information about community resources, and we anticipate developing the following public resources with the information collected:

  • A list of collaborative efforts in the community (available in draft form below)
  • An online directory of community organizations at (coming later this fall)
  • A downloadable version of the organization directory (available in draft form below)
  • A searchable Google Map of community resources (coming later this fall)
  • An email mailing list for interested parties and organizations (sign up below!)


Collaborative List and Organization List

Please send any additions or edits to Stacey Papa at  You can make changes on the spreadsheet and send it as an attachment or send an email with the information or corrections in the body of the email.

Download the current drafts of the lists:

Collaborative List 9.30.16 draft (intended for efforts involving multiple organizations)

Organization List 9.30.16 draft (intended for non profits and agencies providing programs and services to Fayette County residents.)


Mailing List

Join the mailing list for this project here!  We will provide updates and additional information as the project progresses.

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Submit your organization's information

If you haven't already submitted your organization's information at one of our events or through our web forms, you can do so here!  You can also send information by email to Stacey Papa at